purple orchid arrangement with botanics

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PLANT ARRANGEMENT: White, ceramic bowl with a 2-stem Phalaenopsis orchid, 6" foliage plant, moss, Botanics and branching. Orchid available in white or purple.

LIGHT REQUIREMENT: Medium to high; near a south or east-facing window but out of direct sunlight.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 10" W x 15" L x 36" H

DECORATIVE CONTAINER AS PICTURED: 12" x 6" white, ceramic pot

WATER: Growing medium should be kept evenly moist, but allow to dry out some before watering again.

CARE TIPS: In good light conditions, this orchid will bloom for many weeks. After blooming is finished, cut the flower spikes back to the base of the leaves and continue to water moderately. Re-blooming can occur in 6-8 months.