About Us

Since its inception in 1985, NPK Associates Inc. has been providing Chicago with interior plantscaping expertise, offering a complete line of live and replica plants for commercial interior spaces. In 2020 we launched our online store to extend our expertise to fellow plant and flower enthusiasts for home or gift purchases.

N - The element NITROGEN is instrumental in the development of foliage and the healthy green color of plants.

P - The element PHOSPHORUS plays an important role for good root and stem development of plants.

K - The element POTASSIUM is important for the production of flowers and resistance against cold and disease.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the major essential elements plants need to produce healthy foliage and flowers. These elements are supplied through compost, organic and synthetic fertilizers. Various formulations are available and labeled according to the amount of N-P-K in the fertilizer combination.

NPK Associates, Inc. emphasizes the essential elements for proper horticultural care and superior customer service in the interior plantscape industry. As horticultural specialists, our focus is to fulfill the needs of our customers through proper plant selection, superior quality plant material and a team of horticulturally trained personnel to deliver and maintain plants for your living environment.

Experience: Since 1985, our owner-operated partnership has been providing customers with the horticultural expertise and services necessary to successfully manage their interior plantscape environments.

Quality: Through routine inspections, our management team will ensure excellent service, premium quality products, and customer satisfaction.

Commitment: Our pledge to provide superior customer service is delivered by proper plant selection, horticultural professionals, and a dedication to the needs of customers.

Our team of degreed horticultural specialists is ready to answer your questions and suggest the best material for your landscaping needs. Complete the form on our contact page https://npkassociates.com/contact-us/ or call us at 312-733-4005.